Although we started out in legal cannabis wanting to cultivate, we quickly realized that we could have a bigger impact by partnering with the many talented legacy operators already masters at growing great weed. We’ve put our other skills to use to build long term relationships with a growing network of farms through our WKND Flower projects. 

To keep it simple, we work to build win-win situations, because that’s the only way any of us survive. That means listening, helping, and understanding that farmers are growing radiant, but non-uniform plants, which produce flower of different sizes, grades, profiles, and quantities. Costs fluctuate, and we’ve adapted by diversifying our product lines to include quality craft cannabis in the form of affordable smalls, sometimes super chron with matching donuts (keep an eye out for our collab with Slodoco!), and other varieties that come with curated playlists and forest concerts to match your strain.

Our flower projects are meant to keep our relationships with cultivators well-rounded, because that helps keep you happy and selling retailers out of our products throughout the state. The bonus is that our cultivation partners have sustainability in mind, and they grow tasty, terpy, trichy weed full of cannabinoids. So, really it’s a triple win.


WKND Recreational THC Joints, are the standard smoke for the everyday or social smoker. With THC levels ranging from 14%-30%, this line features strains with rich cannabinoid profiles intended to produce a variety of effects.


The cannabis-derived CBD line is all about the blends. Choosing compatible THC strains that enhance effect, and ratios that eliminate the psychoactive uncomfort some feel with THC products, means there is even a joint for those who don’t want to be high.


These high THC products are for high tolerances or shared smokes. With levels of THC starting at 30%, premium buds, and terp heavy oil infusions, these are budtender favorites everywhere.

“Got time for a JJ? Doesn’t matter - let’s smoke one.”

— Keiko Wesley, Artist

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